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1. Hygienic

Plastic panels can be maintained easily. You can easily clean them using a pressure washer. If this is not sufficient, you can simply use cleaning vinegar or other cleaning products. The panels are resistant to most chemicals.

2. Light and firm

The panels are very light compared to other materials. But not at the expense of firmness! The sandwich structure and the internal cells give the panels lateral and longitudinal strength. 

3. Ecological

The panels are made of polypropylene, which makes them 100% recyclable. You can also choose for recycled panels. These have been made using recycled materials. Recy-green and recy-grey are part of our standard range. More information about this can be found here: See colour.

4. Versatility

We use the plastic sandwich panels by Paneltim to make the following products for our customers in the agricultural sector: 
-    calf pens
-    hygienic tables
-    technical spaces
-    pens for sheep, dogs, and cats
-    barn decoration

We create the following products for industrial customers: 
-    construction site trailers (possibly with equipment)
-    technical spaces
-    custom products

Do you have a question about a custom product? We may be able to help you, as we can make everything to size in our own plant! Contact us!

5. Large selection of panels

We work with the plastic panels produced by Paneltim. This producer offers a range of panels and grills. We can find a panel which meets your needs thanks to the available variety in versions, thicknesses, and structures.

6. Colours

Our standard range includes the following colours: recy-green, recy-grey, UV-green, new grey.

Recy-green & recy-grey

Products made using recy-green or recy-grey panels are perfect for indoor use! Since the panels are made using recycled materials, they are not UV-resistant and should not be used outside.
The colours between the recycled panels may deviate. This may result in colour abnormalities between the panels. If you want to avoid this, you should choose UV-green or new grey panels. 


This product is made using new plastic panels and is UV-resistant. The panels also have a more intense colour than a recy-green panel.

New grey

This grey is more intense than recy-grey. A product made using new grey plastic panels is not UV-resistant. You should use them inside for the best possible service life.