Calf pen Multibox

Inner dimensions: 0,9m x1,55 m.
Outer dimension: 4,05m x 2,35m x 2,35m.

The Multi Pen can be moved easily using a forklift and is available in various versions: 

UV-Green /UV-Beige

This pen is made using new plastic panels and is UV-resistant. A UV-green or UV-beige calf pen offers excellent resistance against the sun. 


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Calf Pen Multibox ASD-Group.jpg
Multibox front ASD-Group.jpg
Multibox recygrey  ASD-Group.jpg
Multibox sloping ASD-Group.jpg
Calf pen socket Multibox ASD-Group.jpg
Multibox sockets ASD-Group.jpg
Multibox socket ASD-Group.jpg
Multibox Hay rack ASD-Group.jpg
Weaning bucket ASD-Group (optional).jpg
Feeding bowl ASD-Group (optional).jpg
Bucket ASD-Group (optionall).jpg
Calf pen ASD-Group (optionall).jpg

Always included

  • Galvanised wheels
  • Rubber mat
  • Gate with bucket mount
  • Bucket rings
  • Sloping
  • 4 sockets
  • Foldable sun-blocking panel


  • Stainless steel wheels instead of galvanised wheels
  • Feeding bucket
  • Bucket 
  • Feeding bowl
  • Lock
  • Double hay rack